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Life’s most special moments are celebrated with ceremonies and events that you and your guests remember forever. By offering the most beautiful archways, aisles, canopies, and more to all of our clients in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island, and Queens, New York, at Flowers by Brian we ensure that each and every milestone is a memorable one. Our clients, including private clients, event planners, event designers, and wedding planners, are given design freedom through our fully customizable offerings. From floral arrangements to elegantly draped canopies, we work exactly to your vision and your budget to design the perfect stylish ceremonies and events.

An inspirational wedding canopy and beautiful wedding arch set the perfect scene for your walk down the aisle, whether you choose lovely nature-inspired pieces created with branches and crystals, or a traditional layout of billowing white drapery and romantic red roses. Aisles, canopies, and archways work to focus the attention of your guests, and beautifully frame the guest, or guests, of honor. Many of our clients in Long Island and Queens decorate stylish ceremonies such as weddings, awards ceremonies, graduations, funeral services and wakes, corporate ceremonies, christenings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, New Year’s Eve celebrations, holiday parties, and much more, with archways, aisles, and canopies.

Stylish ceremonies with perfect archways, aisles and canopies, create magical moments. Whether this is where you will say “I do,” or where your son or daughter will shine in front of friends and family during his or her bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, Flowers by Brian creates wonderful scenes that, in addition to photographing beautifully, take your guests’ breath away. We use creative elements, such as strings of flowers, exotic branches, lights and crystals, pearls, feathers, garlands, jewels, and more, to capture the essence of your event. If your style is dreamy and decadent, we have a wonderful portfolio of custom archways, aisles, and canopies—while we also excel at creating an innovative and modern aesthetic. By working with our clients, our talented team of florists and designers ensures complete satisfaction—working carefully to your budget and specifications.

With our collection of lovely archways, aisles, canopies, and other décor for perfectly stylish ceremonies, we hope you find the right inspiration to begin creating the ideal backdrop for your ceremony. To ensure the theme of your event shines throughout, trust in the 25 years of experience Flowers by Brian has in expert floral designer services, guaranteeing timely arrival and setup, premium-quality products, and overall peace of mind. We are committed to quality, honesty, integrity, and professionalism—collectively, the foundation of excellence in customer service. Count on our original and custom design concepts to create an unforgettable environment.

If you would like to begin designing the perfect archways, aisles, canopies, and more for your upcoming stylish ceremonies, please contact Flowers by Brian directly by phone or email message. We look forward to bringing floral beauty to your upcoming occasion or event in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island, or Queens, New York!


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